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Oregon Coast Aquarium Cultural Pass

Siletz Library has four Aquarium Cultural Passes available for checkout each month!

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What is Culture Pass?

Culture Pass is a program for Siletz Public Library (SPL) cardholders. Using their library card, adult checkout cardholders can reserve a pass and get free admission to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Who can use a Culture Pass?

SPL adult checkout cardholders in good standing are eligible to reserve a pass.

Who is not eligible for this program?

Please note, the following are not eligible for this program:

• Juvenile cards

• Visitor cards

What if I don’t have a library card?

If you live in Siletz or Lincoln County, you may get your library card by completing an application and providing proof of ID and your current address. You may fill out an application at the Library or download and print one and bring it to the library.

How can I make a reservation to use a Culture Pass?

You can reserve a Culture Pass at the Siletz Public Library by visiting or calling. 255 SE Gaither St, Siletz, OR 97380, (541) 444-2855.

How do I use the Culture Pass once checked out?

1. Check-out the pass from the Siletz Public Library.

2. You must use the pass within the month it was checked out.

3. The card grants up to four free general admissions during one visit to the Aquarium. Extra guests will have to pay for general admission.

4. Present the pass to the Oregon Coast Aquarium admissions staff.

5. After you have visited the Aquarium, you must return the pass to SPL. A $5 replacement fee will be issued by SPL if the pass is not returned.

Is there an age limit to use the Culture Pass?

You must be an adult checkout cardholder to check out a pass.

How often can I check out a Culture Pass?

The Culture Pass can be checked out one time per calendar year, per the cardholder’s standing with SPL.

How many passes can I reserve?

You can reserve one pass per calendar year. If you reserve a pass but do not use it, you will not be able to reserve the Oregon Coast Aquarium pass again until the next calendar year.

How many people can use one pass?

Up to a group of four. If there are more than four members in your party, the others will have to pay for general admission. Please visit to purchase tickets. Be sure to carefully read the details when reserving your pass. Passes are not transferable.

When are passes for a new month available?

Passes will be released on the first of every month for that month. For example, on November 1, passes from November 1-30 will be made available and Library patrons will be able to reserve any available passes for dates during that month.

Why can’t I make a reservation?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to make a reservation:

• No passes are currently available (the library only has 4 passes to check out each month). Check back on the first of the month.

• You may not be in good standing with the Library.

• You’ve already used your pass for the year.

What if I have questions?

You can call or visit the Siletz Public Library. 255 SE Gaither St, Siletz, OR 97380, (541) 444-2855.

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